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Oil & Gas Drilling Support

Fueling Your Success: Customized Solutions for Oil and Gas

If you’ve experienced a spill or leak of industrial chemicals, fuels, biological or radiological agents, you may need an environmental remediation team to restore the affected area safely. At Spur Environmental, our oil & gas drilling support team specializes in cleaning and disposing of hazardous materials in accordance with regulatory agencies. Trust us to handle HAZMAT incidents and restore the environment back to a safe state.

Our Most Requested Oil & Gas Services

A clean rig is essential for efficient operation and a safer workplace. That’s why we offer professional oil rig cleaning services to help keep your rig in top condition. Our team uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and adheres to all government regulations.

Lessening the environmental impact of drilling mud is a specialty of ours. Our OBM (oil-based mud) transport and transfer services provide a safe and efficient way to transport drilling fluids to and from your rig site. Our team is experienced in managing OBM and can provide the necessary equipment, teams, and regulatory compliance to ensure a smooth transfer.

Our team can provide comprehensive support for plug and abandonment (P&A) projects, sampling, analysis, pad scrapes, and waste management. Rest assured — we have the expertise to manage P&A projects of any scale.

We offer comprehensive NORM services to help you manage the potential hazards associated with naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). Our team can provide NORM surveys, decontamination services, and waste management solutions to ensure that you remain in compliance with the rapidly changing regulations of the oil and gas industry.

Any type of waste generated by your facilities or drilling operations can be handled by our team. We offer waste characterization, packaging, transportation, and disposal, ensuring that all waste is handled in a safe, responsible, and compliant manner.

Oilfield Support Services

No matter the industry, customers call on us for expert environmental services.

When you’re overwhelmed, our process will give you peace of mind.

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We are on call 24/7, every day of the year. We deploy experts to your site as quickly as you need them.

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After an initial consultation, we will devise a plan that fits what your situation requires — all the right solutions, people, and equipment to back you up quickly.

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Your Problem Is Solved

We are the best in the business when it comes to oil and gas remediation and environmental services. You can rest assured that your operations will be kept in compliance when trusted to us.

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