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HAZMAT Emergency Response

Immediate Response to Your Hazmat Emergency

If you’ve experienced a spill or leak of industrial chemicals, fuels, biological or radiological agents, you may need an environmental remediation team to restore the affected area safely. At Spur Environmental, we specialize in cleaning and disposing of hazardous materials in accordance with regulatory agencies. Trust us to handle HAZMAT incidents and restore the environment back to a safe state.

24/7 Rapid Response

100% Compliance

Disaster Cleanup


What We Handle

HAZMAT Emergency Response

No matter the industry, customers call on us for expert environmental services.

When you’re overwhelmed, our process will give you peace of mind.

Step 1


Tell us what you need and what happened. We respond 24/7, every day of the year. A dedicated project manager will contact you within minutes to discuss the incident details and agree on assets for mobilization.

Step 2

Our Team Acts

Our response manager will document the incident, execute JSA, and provide continuous progress updates.

Step 3

Your Problem Is Solved

We mitigate immediate risks to life, health, and the environment, communicate with environmental agencies, and handle sample processing, profiling, manifesting, and disposal facility approval for rapid closure.

Empowering a Cleaner Tomorrow

Offering environmental services so people, businesses, and communities can thrive.

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