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Swift Resolution of an Oilfield Red Alert Through Comprehensive Waste Stream Management.

Oilfield Facility Waste Stream Management


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The Challenge
Spur Environmental received an urgent call from a valued oilfield customer, indicating an impending facility inspection with a pressing waste management issue. The site was scheduled for a routine inspection the following week, necessitating swift action to ensure compliance

Our experienced project manager swiftly assessed the situation, provided pricing in less than 24 hours, and was on-site the following day to commence the work.

The project involved the handling of a substantial amount of waste materials, including over 200 five-gallon buckets, 20 55-gallon drums, 20 totes, large tank containments, and bulk tanks that required cleaning and reduction. Additionally, approximately 10,000 gallons of water from storage tanks and a large containment needed proper management.

Comprehensive Safety Plan Deployed

Before mobilizing on-site, a comprehensive safety plan was developed and approved by the customer. All on-site personnel were 40-hour HAZWOPER trained, and personal protective equipment (PPE) was diligently employed to mitigate potential hazards.

Waste Management Process

Containers were promptly placed in a designated containment area prior to processing. Sealed and labeled containers were consolidated where feasible, with consolidation guided by the selected disposal technology. Any unidentified waste containers were field-screened and identified through a screening process and generator knowledge, and these containers were also consolidated.

Empty containers were efficiently reduced and transferred to debris containers, with any markings removed or obscured. Bulk tanks were emptied, flushed, and reduced, and the debris from this part of the operation was likewise placed into debris containers. Contaminants were emptied, flushed, and reduced for proper disposal.

Water was extracted from storage tanks and contaminants using a 130-barrel vacuum truck, and this water was safely transported to a disposal facility.

Documentation and Environmental Compliance

Spur Environmental provided essential services, including profiling, assignment of waste codes, and the development of manifests to support the necessary paperwork for the compliant transportation and disposal of the waste.

Oilfield Site Restoration

A small amount of contaminated soil in and around the area was identified and promptly removed, with backfilling, grading, and compaction to ensure the site was returned to its original condition.

The entire project was successfully completed within just five days after the initial call, demonstrating Spur Environmental’s dedication to efficient and environmentally responsible waste management solutions.

Why Efficient Waste Stream Management Matters to Your Company

Efficient waste management is crucial for ensuring environmental compliance and minimizing risks to the community. By promptly and responsibly handling waste materials, companies can prevent potential environmental hazards and maintain a positive reputation, all while ensuring regulatory compliance and safety.

If you have any questions about this case study or need assistance with your own waste stream management project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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